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Bama Pet, business best friend.Bama Pet is the new Bama brand, a line of products dedicated to the pet world which inherits all the planning capacity, the entrepreneurial dynamism and the innovative approach which have distinguished us since ever. We know well that any pet is special and unique: for this reason we have created innovative solutions which solve practical necessities under terms of functionality, design and reliability for each of them. Therefore a new product range is born which responds to the different market demands, by meeting the real needs of the ones who daily live with a pet ( from the cleaning tothe storage, from the travel necessities to the ones of the rest). Innovations which establish the driving force for concrete business possibilities and which make Bama Pet the best friend not only of pets and of their owners, but also of the professionals working in this market area in full development. Each pet is an opportunity of business because with his own unique, distinguished personality he represents a specific need that Bama Pet is able to satisfy with concrete and innovative solutions, modeled on high quality standard and recognizable from design, reliability and practicality