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PolyethyleneThis material is the simplest among synthetic polymers.Identified by the suffix “PE”,                                                                                         

is the most common plasticused for products. Ideal for making chopping boardsand work surfaces

for handling food, due to its inherentchemical/physical characteristics, being non-toxic andodourless.                               

Physical properties: polyethylene has a density rangebetween 0,91 and 0,93 g/cm3 and can resist

prolongedexposures to temperatures of up to 65 °C. Choppingboards can easily be washed in dish

washers.Non-toxic: polyethylene is completely non-toxic. Theexcellent chemical inertia and its

characteristics make itan ideal material for handling food. This thermoplasticresin nature does not                                                                                                  

promote bacteria, fungi and algae.Chemical resistance to corrosion: this material iscompletely inert                                      

at normal room temperature, it has agood resistance to a wide range of chemical substances,so it does

not crack, nor does it corrode. PE also showsan excellent resistance to corrosion.Flexibility: polyethylene’s

high flexibility and its plasticcharacteristic to return to its original shape after beingdeformed, makes it

ideal for absorbing vibrations andmechanical stresses during use of products producedusing this material.

100% Recyclable: polyethylene is recyclable andnormally used to make plastic bags and containers.

Recycling allows to re-use material already used andreintroduce it into the production cycle.

This bestpractice helps reduce natural prime material needs andenvironmental impact.Low

temperatures: inherent mechanical characteristicsallow this material to operate as ducts also at very

lowtemperatures of up to -60°C. Tenacity is also maintainedat low temperatures.  


Antibacterial cutting boardsSpecial material containing an antibacterialagentCutting board in a special material, containing anantibacterial agent, which prevents the growing ofe.coli, staphylococcus, salmonella and other kindsof bacteria. The antibacterial agent is effective forthe whole cutting board life and it follows the Food& Drug Administration’s rules. It’s suggested theuse of the dishwasher and to follow the basic lawsof domestic hygiene. Wash before use.