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IDROGAS, quality and innovation since 1940 A long course experience to guarantee quality

of products and reliability of services.Creativity, technical competence and intuition:characteristics

which have grown and evolved duringthe long intrapreneural activity of IDROGAS. Duringthese years,

the company has played as one of theleaders in the production of accessories for sinks andwash basins.

The vast spectrum of available IDROGASproducts has developed in order to make the use ofwash basins practical,

hygienic and comfortable. Theproduct offer originated form a close design kept closeto the market needs,

weary of ambient restrictions,and respectful of ever changing norms.Components are entirely produced in Italy

with selfowned machinery, and assembly done by our highlyqualified workers, with years of experience and training.

Components are produced in the production andpackaging section, where quality and convenience isachieved using a distinct

level of process automation.During 2008 IDROGAS has been absorbed by Demolli®Srl group of products, a leading company

in theproduction of household products and dining tableaccessories in plastic and wood.Quality, Legislation, certification

and environment:IDROGAS has always been keen to meet quality goalsand legislative certification for all its products.

Thecompany can easily guarantee prime materials used forits items, and certify they are in line with severe qualitystandards

requested for the specific applications theyare destined for.According to actual regulations, namely n. 174 dated

April 6th 2004, IDROGAS undergoes regular periodictests on its jet-breakers to confirm the correspondingsuitability

with water intended for human use.